P-RUN has a portfolio that covers a variety of project types and work done for national firms as well as local.
We work towards getting the best viewpoint for a building or space and using materials, textures, backgrounds, and entourage which will portray your design the way you visualize it.

From your Architecture Designs whether that be Paper Based Sample Architectural Drawings, or Digital Architectural Data - we can provide rendered visualisations to show your client: both interior and exterior, in appropriate settings, and where necessary with appropriate figuring added.

Alternatively, we can construct for you Suitable 3D Digital Architect Models, to serve as a basis.

In our architectural renderings, we can simulate any lighting conditions; match any viewpoint, camera angle and focal length; Our 3d Architectural Render Output can be supplied as full-colour prints, on quality substrates - for inclusion in documents or, in large formats, designed for wall or exhibition display.

Otherwise, we can supply as computer files, in recognised image formats - for production of slides, remote viewing over the web, or as required for other forms of presentation, exhibition or display.
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